Fly-Fishing in the Grossglockner Area

The fish filled waters of the Fuscher Ache springs from the Hohe Tauern National Park at the foot of the Grossglockner massif. The 28 km mountain stream has the highest water quality and is known as the “Pearl of the Hohen Tauern”.

Only now, after over 50 years the privately owned waters have become open to the public and therefore fishing has been made accessible to our guests.

The quality of the fish-stock is shown by having an adult fish population in the form of ancient trout. The fishing section begins at the confluence into the Salzach and ends at the Ferleitental/Käfertal, a high valley surrounded by multiple 3,000 meter high peaks of the Grossglockner group. This section is exclusively reserved for fly-fishers. Dry-flies, wet flies, nymph and streamers can be used as bait.

After the gorge (which contains numerous water holes) the water flows through the villages of Fusch and Bruck until it disembogues into the Salzach (combined tickets available for Fuscher Ache, Salzach and tributaries). This stretch of the river is also for fly Only - in this section is it allowed to catch two salmonides daily.


  • Fly-Fishing Stretch: from the Bärenwerk bridge to the source of the Fuscherache, approx. 18 kilometers long. fly Only!!
  • Fish Catching Area: from the mouth of the Fuscherache into the Salzach until the Bärenwerk bridge, approx. 10 kilometers long. Also fly Only!!
  • Fly Section: without exception only allowed with fly-fishing equipment with barbless hooks.
  • Fishing Catching Area: is allowed with a fly rod
  • Bait: Dry-flies, wet flies, nymph and streamers but only with basic barbless hooks.
  • Fishing Season: every year from 1st of April to 30th of November
  • Daily Fishing Times: from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Day Pass: available starting at 16 years of age and only with a spot fishing license.
  • Fish Catching Area: three salmonides daily per permit are allowed.
  • Trophy Fish Extraction: one brook trout starting at 55 cm long may be caught daily. The fishery must be immediately informed about the catch

of the fish at one of the day-fishing permit locations. The weight and length will be recorded and a photo will be taken for the trophy-recognition.


Grayling: 01.01 to 31.05 starting at 35 cm
Brook Trout: 01.10 to 31.03 starting at 35 cm
Brook Char: no protective season stating at 30 cm
Rainbow Trout: no protective season starting at 30 cm.
All other species of fish must be within the valid requirements of the Federal Fishery Federation.


  • Fishing in any tributary brooks!!!
  • Fishing from any bridges and/or dams!!!


Sudden gushes of water can occur near dams and power plants!!!
There is a daily recording obligation for all fish caught, for all the fish caught during the close season and for those that were under-sized and thrown back or have been taken out for trophy-recognition. Fishing must be stopped immediately when reaching the daily limit.
Fishing Association Chairman: telephone: 0043 (0)664 3840866
Hail Peter and hopefully we will see you at the Gasthof Zacherlbräu in Bruck and Fusch-Grossglockner.